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January 14, 2013 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Progresses in Waste Management Efforts

A true legend in the spirits industry, Bacardi was established in Santiago de Cuba around the time of the American Civil War. Now celebrating 150 years, Bacardi continues to produce and supply spirits to consumers worldwide.

Alongside its commitment to quality products, Bacardi is also dedicated to shrinking its environmental footprint through waste reduction strategies and other initiatives.

Interestingly, the spirits industry has long relied on green practices to manage waste from the distillation of alcohol, even before the advent of the environmental movement. For years, spirits companies have sold these byproducts as fertilizer and cattle feed. Bacardi follows this approach at its Swiss facility, which distributes pellets of spent matter to local farmers for fertilizer. At one of its distilleries in Scotland, the byproduct pot ale is used to make animal feed.

In other areas, such as water conservation, Bacardi’s leadership continues to work toward developing and adjusting waste reduction goals for both the present and the future. Collectively, the industry has endeavored to increase the reuse and recycling of resources, as well as find new ways to use wastewater, such as irrigation of local farms.

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