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March 30, 2013 / Bacardi Cuba

About the BACARDI® Get Together Project

Fronted by Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, two writers who star in a CollegeHumor web series, the Get Together Project sponsored by BACARDI aims to motivate coworkers, friends, and family to let loose, enjoy each other’s company, and make new friends. Jake and Amir have created a series of online videos that present new ways to spread warmth and get to know neighbors, friends, and colleagues better. BACARDI, which coined the message, “€œMixes well with others,”€ hopes to bring people together in relaxing environments to enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

The Jake and Amir Get Together Project hosts a Facebook page, where individuals must be of legal drinking age to follow the project’€™s posts. The first video posted on the page supports togetherness in the office and comically offers tips such as buying beanbags and extra water coolers, which can lead to more interaction among colleagues. Next, Jake and Amir tackle the topic of riding elevators at work and ask Facebook users to submit ideas on how to break the ice when taking the elevator with unfamiliar people.

Another video, titled “€œWork Less, Hang Out More,”€ calls for individuals to stop working late and spend their time having fun with each other. The next video tackles the topic of commuting and offers thoughts (such as playing charades) on how to engage your commuters on the way to work. “€œFeel the Warmth, People!”€ hopes to inspire Facebook users to generate genuine warmth through a group hug. Other videos follow the same concept and provide ideas like having a get-together party to learn everyone’€™s names, creating an office obstacle course to fight boredom, and baking treats to share with colleagues.

Jake and Amir, through the use of their skill as a comic duo, channel their creative genius to involve Facebook users with the BACARDI brand and suggest a better way of working: getting together with co-workers and enjoying their company with a BACARDI cocktail. For more information about the Jake and Amir Get Together Project, visit the official Facebook page at

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