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April 22, 2014 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi’s Five Pillars of Corporate Responsibility

The spirit of social engagement at Bacardi goes back more than 150 years to founder Don Facundo BacardíMassó, who led volunteer relief efforts after much of his hometown of Santiago de Cuba was leveled in an earthquake in 1852.

Today, as a widely recognized international company, Bacardi now supports thousands of employees, hundreds of suppliers, and millions of customers all over the world. With a portfolio including top brands such as BACARDÍ rum, GREY GOOSE vodka, DEWAR’S Blended Scotch whisky, and MARTINI vermouth and Italian sparkling wines, Bacardi maintains a very high profile in the spirits industry. For this reason, it also maintains serious commitments to corporate responsibility.

In its latest online Corporate Responsibility report, released in March 2013, Bacardi outlines the five areas in which it focuses its efforts:

“Marketplace” programs engage the public. Through traditional and digital marketing, Bacardi legal drinking age consumers are introduced to awareness initiatives like the “Champions Drink Responsibility” campaign.

“Environment, Health and Safety” programs emphasize the Bacardi stewardship of natural resources through conservation of water and energy at its many facilities worldwide.

“Responsible Sourcing” programs focus on ensuring that the Bacardi global network of suppliers operates in an ethical and sustainable fashion, from the grower to the company purchasing manager.

“People” programs strive to improve operations within the Bacardi work structure by streamlining management and recognizing talent within its own ranks.

“Philanthropy and Community Involvement” programs encourage giving by both the brand and corporate entities, as well as thousands of Bacardi employees. In this way, the local communities where Bacardi operates are served through a wide range of charitable efforts.

In each of these key areas, Bacardi reported significant successes. Moreover, it signaled its intention to improve upon this record in fiscal 2013.

Bacardi Limited’s Corporate Responsibility report is freely available on its corporate website at

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