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July 24, 2014 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi and the Mocktail

Bacardi Cuba logo pic As part of its Champions Drink Responsibly campaign, Bacardi Limited has promoted the idea of the “mocktail,” an enjoyable alternative to the cocktail that involves no alcohol. To help people find good mocktail recipes, the company has created a website where, after confirming that they are of legal drinking age, visitors can craft the perfect mocktail for their tastes.

The site, available in English and Spanish, allows visitors to choose between two methods of crafting a mocktail. In the first, they start by picking a season and a mood they want to celebrate or evoke through their drink choice. From there, they choose among flavor options. Once they’ve made selections, the website comes up with a drink recipe. For a relaxed spring drink with a sour, herbaceous taste, the site might recommend a Basil Lush, made with pineapple, cloudy apple, and lemon juice as well as strawberries and basil and sage leaves.

In the second approach, visitors to the site can design a mocktail around ingredients they have on hand. After selecting the ingredient-based recipe builder, visitors type in something they’d like to use and immediately see drink recipes based upon that ingredient. Inputting “pineapple,” for example, might result in a recipe for Pineapple Punch, while “vanilla ice cream” might lead to a mocktail called Sweet Dreams or a Salted Caramel Swirl. To try out either recipe builder, visit

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