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August 8, 2014 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Brands: BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin pic Owned by the Bacardi family since its inception in 1862 in Cuba, Bacardi ranks as the world’s largest privately held spirits producer. Bacardi expanded beyond the environment of Cuba early in its corporate history, and it has long distilled multiple brands of spirits. In 1993, it took a huge step in diversifying its product mix by buying the Martini & Rossi Group. The purchase brought several storied brands of spirits under its umbrella, including the iconic MARTINI vermouth and sparkling wines.

The Martini & Rossi Group began in Italy in the 19th century. In 1863, master herbalist Alessandro Martini and winemaker and entrepreneur Luigi Rossi founded Martini & Rossi in Turin. The founders adhered to the motto “Volere é Potere (where there is a will there is a way).

Throughout its history, MARTINI has adhered to the principles of passion, dedication, and energy as it has expanded from Italy to Brazil, Hong Kong, Egypt, New York, and elsewhere. For more information, visit

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