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August 19, 2014 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Invests in Education around the Globe

Bacardi Cuba logo pic Bacardi Limited supports international philanthropic endeavors that fall into four primary categories: arts, health, environment, and education. To improve access to education across the globe, Bacardi has undertaken a wide range of programs.

Bacardi offered a sizeable donation to the Thailand charity Ban Nokkamin, which assists homeless and parentless children, as well as youth from underprivileged backgrounds. In addition, Bacardi Thailand employees have volunteered as mentors to children involved with the organization.

In France, Bacardi supported Les Enfants Du Désert through a number of events, including the collection of quality school equipment for distribution in southern Morocco.

The company additionally helped maintain the annual Students Scholarship Fund at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico through a sizeable donation. This fund ensures that talented students without financial means still have a chance at higher education.

For two years running, Bacardi Global Brands has worked with SPEAR, a program in London that provides six weeks of training to help unemployed youth gain direction in their lives. Bacardi staff offered interview training for students in the program.

Outside of these efforts, the company has worked with charitable organizations in Bermuda, Russia,and other locations.

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