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October 14, 2014 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi on Target to Meet Water Conservation Goals

Water Conservation pic In just seven years, beverage giant Bacardi Limited has managed to reduce water use by 54 percent across its manufacturing facilities worldwide. This puts the company well on its way toward its goal of a 55 percent water reduction by 2017.

In the run-up to the upcoming 2degrees Resource Efficiency Summit this year, Bacardi’s global sustainability director, Dave Howson, discussed how the company has achieved such success in its water-saving efforts. He noted that focus was first placed on Bacardi facilities in regions with water scarcity issues, such as India, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. That was followed up by addressing inefficiencies at sites like Scotch whisky distilleries that use comparatively large amounts of water.

According to Mr. Howson, programs to correct water-use issues have involved a number of approaches. For example, some facilities incorporated water recirculation into processes that formerly used once-through systems. In addition, the company installed technologies such as high-efficiency aeration and UV disinfection at select sites to reconstitute and reuse wastewater where appropriate.

At the core of Bacardi’s sustainability efforts is operational discipline. With respect to water use, this means a company-wide commitment to using only the amount of water absolutely needed to complete a task.

Given Bacardi’s seven-year track record of effective water conservation efforts, Mr. Howson believes that the notion of sustainability will become a de facto requirement for business success across all industries in decades to come.

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