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October 29, 2014 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Implementing Green Boiler Technology

Boiler Technology pic The process of making fine Scotch whisky is a craft that goes back nearly a thousand years. As such, it is steeped in tradition and guided by the wisdom of generations of distillers.

Recognizing the need for environmental sustainability, however, the industry has started to rethink some of its most entrenched manufacturing processes in favor of more environmentally sensitive green practices. The world’s largest family-owned drinks company, Bacardi Limited, is at the forefront of these efforts.

One of the world’s largest blended whisky brands and part of the brand portfolio of Bacardi, John Dewar & Sons in Scotland has joined a project to replace fossil fuel-burning boilers with much cleaner biomass steam boilers. Produced and maintained by Irish sawmill Balcas, these boilers utilize clean-burning biomass—in this case, wood pellets—as fuel. Balcas has partnered with Dewar to commission the first biomass boiler at the venerable Aberfeldy Distillery. In addition, the two companies are already discussing the conversion of boilers at Dewar’s large Royal Brackla distillery in Nairn.

Dewar’s boiler conversion effort has become an integral part of Bacardi’s far-ranging “Good Spirited” campaign to boost environmental sustainability throughout the company. According to Iain Lochhead, operations director at John Dewar & Sons, the conversion at Aberfeldy will reduce the distillery’s carbon emissions by 90 percent. Impressively, that one conversion alone will decrease Bacardi’s overall carbon emissions by 6 percent globally.

Through countless initiatives like the boiler conversions at John Dewar & Sons, Bacardi is establishing itself as the industry leader in corporate responsibility.

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