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February 5, 2015 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Sustainability Initiative Succeeds at Water Conservation

Water Conservation pic As the largest privately held spirits company in the world, family-owned Bacardi has maintained a dedication to sustainable business practices throughout its extensive history. Recently, the company continued this tradition with the launch of its global environmental program called Good Spirited. Under the direction of the Bacardi Global Operations team, the company successfully reduced water usage by 54 percent over a seven-year period.

In pursuing its goal of water conservation, Bacardi first identified the distilleries that would most benefit from operational improvements. Directing its efforts on regions facing water scarcity, Bacardi focused the initiative on sites in India, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Additionally, the company targeted locations that require the most water to operate, including its DEWAR’S blended Scotch whisky distilleries.

Bacardi’s sustainability programs facilitated improvements in several key areas, including water capture and reuse. By implementing re-circulated water cooling systems, the company increased the efficiency of both steam capturing and condensate recycling. Bacardi also introduced advanced programs for wastewater treatment and reconstitution. At its Puerto Rico aerobic water treatment facility, these improvements included the addition of a highly efficient aeration system, UV disinfecting tools, and filtration equipment.

Additionally, Bacardi improved sustainability by promoting the philosophy of “operational discipline.” It encouraged its distilleries to avoid unnecessary water usage and work toward more efficient operational practices to further water conservation.

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