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February 24, 2015 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Limited Releases New FACUNDO Collection

FACUNDO Rum Collection pic In 2013, Bacardi Limited launched its FACUNDO Rum Collection of luxury sipping rums in New York and Miami. The company expanded its successful line of the super premium sipping rum on September 2, 2014, with the official launch of FACUNDO in California.

The company’s Maestros de Ron, or master blender, draws on decades of experience to craft the four unique luxury rums. The collection starts with NEO, a smooth blend characterized by its transparent blond coloration and aged for as many as eight years. NEO’s balanced taste is supplemented by almond and floral notes, and is ideal for sipping on the rocks or in a modern rendition of an old-fashioned.

As the only FACUNDO rum to be blended prior to the barrel aging process, EXIMO is a dark rum with a nutty flavor and medium-heavy body. Offering a hint of vanilla, EXIMO is intended for sipping on the rocks or in classic cocktails.

EXQUISITO combines rums aged for more than two decades with younger blends to create a dark, bold spirit. With a warm, nuanced flavor reminiscent of toasted nuts and raisins, EXQUISITO is ideally enjoyed neat.

PARAISO offers a dark blend of rums that have matured for up to 23 years to provide a luxurious blend of dark caramel, chocolate, and walnut notes. Also best enjoyed neat, PARAISO undergoes an activated carbon filtration process and French cask aging to develop its bold, rich taste.

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