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April 13, 2015 / Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi Strives for Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging pic Bacardi Limited recently embarked on a global initiative to improve the sustainability of its practices, striving for an overall reduction in its environmental impact. The “Good Spirited” global environmental initiative encompasses changes to farming and production methods in locations such as Italy and Fiji, as well as to the firm’s packaging. Displaying the globally recognized Bacardi family name and logo, each expertly crafted BACARDĺ rum bottle conveys the firm’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

Recent changes to the bottle’s design have resulted in a reduction in weight of as much as 90 percent, significantly reducing the environmental impact of each product. For example, the redesigned BACARDĺ Classic Cocktails bottle is now 30 percent lighter, allowing for more efficient shipping with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Bacardi achieved a 90 percent weight reduction in the redesign of its BACARDĺ Party Drinks packaging, opting to use polyethylene terephthalate plastic as a safer and more sustainable alternative to glass.

In 2006, Bacardi began assessing its global environmental impact and has since reduced its collective packaging weight by more than 7 percent. This represents a substantial accomplishment for the firm’s “Good Spirited” initiative, as the weight removed is equivalent to approximately 1,100 fully loaded shipping trucks.

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