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May 12, 2015 / Bacardi Cuba

MARTINI Incorporates Sustainability into Production Practices

Sustainability pic The Bacardi MARTINI-brand sparkling wine comes from a beautiful region in northwest Italy, where long-standing growing traditions responsible for sweet Moscato grapes are merging with Bacardi’s sustainability initiatives. Over the last eight years, MARTINI has eliminated 4 percent of its water use and slashed its emissions of greenhouse gases by over 30 percent.

The improvements have come via several approaches. MARTINI’s Pessione, Italy, production facility uses nearly 100 percent renewable energy, including clean hydropower from the Italian Alps. MARTINI also promotes conservation wherever it can. Its employees participate in a recycling program, and its production lines recover excess glass. In recent years, MARTINI has also redesigned its Asti bottle to lower its weight, thus leading to emissions reductions during shipping. In addition, the brand has reduced the waste it sends to landfills by 750 metric tons, the equivalent of the trash produced annually by 380,000 people.

Other conservation programs in place include an on-site sustainability center, where scientists, including one of the University of Turin’s experts on vine production, advise MARTINI’s farmers. One current project involves the creation of birdhouses that will draw indigenous birds to keep populations of harmful insects down naturally.

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