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May 20, 2015 / Bacardi Cuba

Pessione MARTINI Facility Harnesses Hydropower

Pessione MARTINI Facility pic Since it started monitoring its global environmental impact in 2006, Bacardi Limited has reduced its energy consumption by 25 percent. Recently, it launched an environmental initiative, “Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future,” to further its sustainability goals. The program has led to the implementation of innovative, environmentally friendly practices at Bacardi facilities around the world, including those producing MARTINI vermouths and sparkling wines.

Located on the outskirts of Turin, Italy, the village of Pessione is home to the world’s largest MARTINI facility, which has produced beverages for more than 150 years. Having recently adopted Bacardi’s dedication to environmental consciousness, the facility has operated almost entirely off of renewable energy since 2010, utilizing hydroelectric power as its primary energy source.

Hydroelectricity, which is produced through falling or flowing water, is one of the world’s cleanest forms of energy due to its minimal impact on the environment. The Pessione facility’s energy begins in the Alps, as mountain streams flow down into the winding rivers of the Aosta Valley. Using hydraulic turbines, hydropower production company Gruppo CVA converts this flowing water into hydroelectric power for use at the facility. The water continues to flow through the plant and farther into the valley, where subsequent hydroelectric facilities generate additional power for use by the surrounding communities.

These new practices have led to a 4 percent reduction in water usage and a 30 percent decline in greenhouse gas emissions. According to MARTINI operations director Giorgio Castagnotti, this accomplishment carries an environmental benefit equivalent to removing 700 vehicles off the highway.

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