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August 19, 2015 / Bacardi Cuba

World’s Largest Privately Held Spirits Company Leads in CSR

Bacardi Cuba

Bacardi began more than 150 years ago in Santiago de Cuba. Today, the company is the largest privately held producer of spirits on the planet. Still family-owned, Bacardi works to stay true to its corporate identity: that of a close-knit organization that cares about its employees, the public, and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bacardi leads beverage manufacturers in its emphasis on corporate social responsibility. The company’s CSR efforts have garnered widespread acclaim, most recently including a 2015 Hermes Creative Award for its sustainable marketing campaign entitled Good Spirited, which details its focus on reducing the environmental impact of its sourcing, production, and operations at every possible level.

The company focuses on five main CSR areas: the marketplace, responsible sourcing, human resources, philanthropy and community involvement, and the environment, including the safety and health of employees and the public alike.

Bacardi’s marketplace efforts focus on promoting the responsible use of alcohol and discouraging underage drinking. Its environmental and responsible sourcing initiatives have put the company on target to reach its 2022 goal of deriving all its sugarcane products from verified sustainable sources. The company has also significantly reduced its water and energy usage. Additionally, Bacardi recently created an upgraded five-year health and safety program.

The company strives to serve its employees as a place where they can find fulfilling ways to pursue long-term career goals and has enhanced its staff training and coaching programs. In the realm of corporate philanthropy, Bacardi has demonstrated consistent achievement. The company supports programs that benefit education, the arts, social welfare, health, and the environment.


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